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Lagaccio Biscuits

The long history of the original twice-baked biscuits

The name of this biscuit derives from the name of the Genoese district where it has been taken out of the oven for the first time: Lagaccio district.

In 1530, Admiral Andrea D’Oria, asked to build a sumptuous manor on the foot of Granarolo’s hill, the current Prince’s Palace. Further to the house construction it was necessary a huge water reserve for its fountains, for the house’s mills and for the naval fleet’s water reserve.

A dam has been built  that created an artificial lake that residents called with contempt “Lagaccio” which is still nowadays the name of the district.

One century later, in 1652, The Republic of Genoa built in that district, so  rich in water, a gunpowder factory whose processing  techniques needed a huge quantity of water.
Two centuries later, the Sardinian government enlarged the factory into a bullets plant and placed there the gunnery headquarter.
Next to the factory started its activity a biscuits factory that used to purchase the naval fleet of the Republic of Genoa. In that factory was produced a light and rich biscuit called “Biscotto del Lagaccio”.

At the beginning it was a simple baked sliced-bread that would have been stored for long time on the ships’ pantries crossing the oceans.
"il bis-cotto Lagaccio" became a niche-product thanks to handmade production of local confectioners such as Giovanni Preti’s pastry shop in the historical centre of Genoa.

"il bis-cotto Lagaccio" are the most typical among Genoese biscuits and the original twice-baked ones.

The “Natural slow leaving”, the shaping, the first baking, the cutting and the second baking, enhance the taste and make crunchy and crumbly slices, ideal to be dipped for breakfast.
The beginnings
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