Sacripante cake dessert has been created by Preti in 1851. It’s a fanciful-strong dessert whose name has been inspired from one of the characters of Ludovico Ariosto’s poem “Orlando Furioso”.

Still nowadays is completely hand made matching soft sponge cake with cream, rhum and Marsala wine into a crispy dark chocolate top.

Natural leaving

The centuries-old natural leaving process is the heritage of a very old culture. Yeast base is based on the natural fermentation of the baking mixture to produce bacteria and milk enzymes that producing carbon dioxide, support the natural leaving.

These special strains of yeast with unique characteristics, give our products their taste, sponginess lightless and long life.

Only few skilled pastry makers have successfully managed to use it on an industrial scale, among them Preti has always used it to produce his Lagaccio cookies, Pandolci and Colombe.



Ancient-tested recipes, attention to gradual cooking and high quality ingredients, make Preti pastry-making an excellent pastry production: from crunchy Canestrelli to Pandolce, a raisin cake with candied fruit, Chocochips with fine dark chocolate drops, Coccobon with coconut and last but not least, light Risoli entirely made with  rice flour.

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