About us

Our History


In 1851, in his shop in the heart of Genoa, Giovanni Preti, a brilliant-resourceful pastry chef, created an unmatched cake dessert called Sacripante.

A unique hand-made cake achieved with a particular pastry process based on an exclusive receipt.

Following his origins, he focused the production on typical Genoese cakes and cookies such as: Pandolce, Canestrelli and Lagaccio. He grew notoriously and the small pastry shop became an eminent shop and a gentlemens’ meeting point in the City.

Preti gradually expanded into an industrial concern even though maintaining its human touch and respecting quality and traditional recipes.

Preti today


Preti is nowadays a modern industrial concern with high technology plant, still producing Genoese pastry and distributing all over Italy and abroad.

In S. Olcese, our works is made up of production lines equipped with powerful mixers, continuous cycle ovens and packaging units. Whole production process allows the individual expertise of our master pastry makers through the professional human touch that makes the difference in terms of quality.